Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SNOW! And lots of it!

Three very happy kids
I got this hat for Hannah a few weeks back but she refused to wear it. Every time I tried she said "no no no" But something about the snow changed her mind.
He he...all bundled up. She's adorable.
Hannah and Mommy
Kind of blurry but look at all the snow. It was great snow for a snowman once the temps warmed up a bit.
Hannah is afraid of the BIG snowman, but a tiny one she can hold is ok.
I love that little smile.
Big snowman....with a shovel. Too bad he doesn't actually use it.
We were outside walking and Hannah kept asking for her puppy. So I had to run inside to get him.
"puppy see the snow"

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J5 Farms said...

beFun, you got snow! Where did you get Hannah's hat? It looks exactly like the ones my Aunt Judy makes and sells.