Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Correct way to take a spelling test!

So Isaiah has been working really hard on a new language arts program. It's more grammar and vocabulary intensive and at first I it may be a bit too difficult for him. But as usual Isaiah loves the challenge. His spelling/vocabulary list: cannibals, extremely promenaded, disdainfully, gaped, remarkable, disturb, inhabited, threshold, emphatically, prefer, utterly. The first time he took the test he didn't do so hot.Of course he took it the traditional way, pencil and paper. But when we went over it I noticed he could verbally spell most of them correctly but seem to second guess himself when he wrote the words out. So I pulled out this huge alphabet spelling mat that I had purchased at Mardens 2 years ago. We have never used it. As I read the words he had to verbally spell and jump, slide, hop, step to each letter. It was a huge success he only missed one word and he had so much fun. Isaiah spelling out "disdainfully"
Thinking where to go to next.
Still spelling disdainfully...leaping from the s to the d


Anonymous said...

you are just so creative sister!!

Aleyne said...

What a great idea. Those TLP words are challenging but I love the spelling and vocabulary focus. Actually the method sounds very much like the some of the methods that TLP uses like bouncing a ball and jumping rope. Andrew Pudewa (Institute for Excellence in Writing) says that most children do better with oral spelling tests until about age 11 or 13. I have found this to be very true.