Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"I DO"

Happy 9 Years Honey!

So if you are quick you'll realize that two weeks ago I told the story of how 9 years ago Peter asked me to marry him. And yes two weeks later we got married! The rest of the story goes something like this:

We prayed a lot about how God would want our relationship to be. We both felt the Lord telling us to get married as soon as possible. At first I thought maybe we could have a December wedding, that would be pretty, snow, crisp cool air. But the more we prayed I realized that soon meant soon. We went to talk to our pastor. He was excited to hear the news he said "So I hear you two want to get married, when do you think you want to do it?" We both looked at each other and said "as soon as possible" Our pastor laughed, slapped Peter on the back and said "how about next Friday?" Peter I both agreed that would be great. So with a little over a week to plan a wedding, we told everyone we knew to come to the church on Friday night for a wedding. The wedding itself was a celebration not so much of us, but of God and how He brought us together.

I am so blessed that Peter married me that day. We took a huge leap of faith 9 years ago. We didn't know each other all that well, but we knew God was in it. We had both experienced the love of God personally that we knew we were now capable of loving each other. Our relationship was build on Christ and with a foundation like that we knew we'd make it!

And 9 years later I am more in love with my husband than the day I married him. I would walk down that isle again in a heart beat. Peter is my best friend. He knows me better than anyone else, the good the bad, and the really ugly and he still loves me. He is a constant in my life. I can lean on him, depend on him, I trust him completely. He is an amazing dad to our boys. But above all else he is a man after God's own heart and Jesus is the Lord of his life.

For our anniversary we are going on a little getaway. We haven't had one in years....I'd say at least 5 years. We've never left Elijah over night and he's 4 1/2. So needless to say we're over due. We are just going overnight but we are looking forward to our special time. We did exchange anniversary gifts. We are pretty practical when it comes to gifts most of the time. Peter bought me a bookcase I desperately needed for all our homeschool stuff. I got Peter a KHouse membership. Yesterday I received 100 baby roses from my hubby. Awww how sweet!

Peter bought me a Bible when we were first married with my name on the front. Inside he wrote a little note with this verse. We are " heirs together of the grace of life" 1 Peter 3:7 I have sort of adopted that little part of scripture as our marriage verse because we have been through alot as a couple and no matter what we are in it together in the grace of life.

These are the lyrics to the song I picked for my hubs today!
all of my life i have dreamed
that somehow a love would find me
now i can't believe you're standing here
If beauty is allin the eye of the beholder
than i wish you could see
the love for you that lives in me
(Chorus)And you would know you have my heart
If you could see, what i seethat a treaure's what you are
if you could see, what i see Created to be the only one for me
If you could see, what i see I know there are days when you feel
so much less than ideal
wondering what i see in you
It's all of the light and the grace
your belief in me drives me to say that i promise you
a faithful love, forever true
(Chorus)if you could see then you'd understand why i
fall down to my knees and i pray my love
will be worthy of the one who gave His life
so our love could beif you could seewhat i see
(x2)You're created to beThe perfect one for me
If you could see What i see
if beauty is allin the eyeof the beholder than i am beholding...true beauty


It'sSteph said...

Aw... you guys are so cute. I love that picture of you guys! 100 roses too! Very nice!

sarasusen said...

You're story made this sappy woman tear up! Congratulations on a beautiful story that God has written for you two. I know Jesus is the man of your dreams, but I'm sure Peter still comes in second :-)
Have a great getaway!

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously, I got alittle teary eyed reading that. So happy for you Bethany. Happy Anniversary. I know there will be many more to come :)