Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Viking Helmets

Notice Isaiah is still in his PJ's!

We are still studying the Vikings. Yesterday we learned about the Viking raids. Both of my boys were disturbed by this practice. They thought it was horrible to make people slaves and take them from their home, and to burn the homes they left behind. We had a good talk about evil, and what might have lead them to do such horrible things. We talked about how they worshiped pagan gods, that they were greedy, dishonest, and wicked. We talked about some of the evil that is in us. We also learned about the weapons they used. Today we made Viking helmets out of cardboard and bubble wrap.


Annee said...

I am SOO impressed at all the fun stuff you manage to do. These days I am feeling accomplished when the 3 R's are all done by lunch!!

Bethany said...

Don't be too impressed. I only have two kids. You've got a little army there! I am sure you do an AWESOME job!