Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lessons of a different kind

So we had a wonderful first day of school, followed by two very sick boys. There is stomach bug going around and the boys got hit hard. They have been throwing up from one side and our the other. They are miserable. So no school today. I will however say the time has not been wasted. I had two important reminders. One, life doesn't always go how YOU plan. That is why my lesson plan book will forever be written in PENCIL. The second thing was a bit more of a spiritual reminder. Last night as I was cleaning up after Isaiah's bodily fluids from both sides, and gagging on the smell and grossness of it all, it was as though the Lord was there whispering in my ear. "This is what your sin is like to me, it's gross, it makes me ill. But I always will clean you up and wash your sins away" As I held Isaiah knowing full well he was going to throw up on me,I was thankful that God holds us close even though He knows we will sin again and need to be cleaned all over again.

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