Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yet another Milestone!

Having children a little further apart is pretty sweet. I have 3 amazing kids all at completely different stages in their lives. Isaiah my big almost as tall as mommy, 10 year old...Elijah my confident and silly 6 year old and Hannah my don't call me a baby for much longer girl. It seems like they are all constantly going through a rite of passage. First sleepovers, riding a bike with no training wheels, getting first teeth, loosing first teeth, standing, reading, it's constant and awesome. Today Elijah lost one of his front teeth. This was his special "fussed" tooth. It left a HUGE gap. He looks absolutely adorable. The other tooth is "wiggly" and won't make it much longer. He was so excited and made me call Peter to remind him of Daddy's promise to pay for his tooth. Our Bubby....Cuter than ever!

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