Friday, August 13, 2010

Sledding at Aritst Point

What an amazing fun experience for the boys. We drove about an hour and a half from our house (it was super hot today in the 90's) up the Mt Baker highway to a place called Artist Point. In my next post you'll see exactly why. But for now enjoy the fun. The kids got to go sledding. We knew there would be some snow so we brought alone the sleds. And did we find the snow. It was awesome. So sunny and warm in the 80's. We all had on shorts and t-shirts. How much fun was it to watch them? A lot...I did take one run down.

Elijah enjoyed going down on is belly. Isaiah took the more traditional approach.
Watch out bellow!

So Baby Bear didn't sled this year...but next year for sure. How adorable is she? I know I'm bias, but I can't stop thinking "she's the most beautiful little baby girl I have ever seen"

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