Friday, August 20, 2010

Northwest Fair 2010

"The Fair" here in Lynden is a pretty big deal. We didn't' go last year because I was super pregnant and wasn't up for it. But this year we bought our tickets early at a discount and took it all in. I've been to Fairs before...the Springfield Fair in Maine comes to mind first. But the Northwest County Fair was much bigger than my reference point. First there are tons of vendors...everything from handmade necklaces, to Usborne Books (which of course I bought). There are tons of food vendors...every classic fair food imaginable of course at classic fair prices. There were tons of animals. I mean tons. It's huge in this area. There were cow, pigs, goats, lamas, sheep, horses, chickens, cats, dogs, it was like Noah's Ark! The kids of course had a BLAST on the rides. Isaiah had a bit more than his stomach could handle and we packed it in early. All in all a great time was had and Lord willing we will go back next year.

The boys with their good friends who showed us the ropes of the fair.
Ok so these Poffertjes are a tradition at teh fair. Lynden is a very dutch town. I lost count of how many windmills we have. Any way they are a dough that has sugar, nutmeg and some other spices and thin they are cooked on this cast iron skillet with little molds. The lady told me Poffertjes means "Little Pillow". She said they are super light and fluffy. I didn't try one...those last few pounds of baby weight are going down, but they smelled amazing.

Yeah I love his face in this picture. It pretty much sums up his day!

Cute little balloon ride.

Checking out the animals.

They had a lot of displays about the county's agriculture. We sure do smell the cows here in Lynden!

BIG pig, little babies.

Ok Alpaca or Lama, I always get them confused.

These are baby goats. They were the size of little kittens. So adorable.

Here is Elijah pretending to milk a cow. He raced against Isaiah. It was funny to watch them try to figure out how to get the "milk" out.

This was such a fun ride. They loved it. It looked like so much fun that when the boys and I went back later in the evening I paid $4.00 to try it. I yelled out "I'm super mom" it was worth the $4.00

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