Tuesday, August 31, 2010

May the "FORCE" be with you

So this year in our science class we are tyring a site called Supercharged Science. This site is full of stuff my boys just love...hands on experiments. Our first Unit is on Mechanics and the first lesson in mechanics is FORCE, hence the title of this post. The whole idea behind this site is to spark their interest with experiments then to do some research as to why the experiments outcome was what it was. FUN right? Yeah my kids think so. My favorite part of this site is the experiments all have a VIDEO. So you have no doubt how to do it. And if you are like me I've had my fair share of failed experiments. So even if we fail, the video at least will always be a success. Isaiah is making his own compass from a needle(magnetized) a Styrofoam packing piece, and a bowl of water. Worked like a charm.
Elijah is trying to find out which way is North.

The "Flying" paperclip.

Elijah LOVED this one. He kept trying over and over again to get his paper clip to stay "flying" It was a lot of fun.

Magnetized cereal? You bet!

With a wee little help you can watch your cereal be very attracted to each other.

"O" cereal worked the best. But we also tried LIFE and Frosted MiniWheats.

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It'sSteph said...

Fun! We're making a compass in geography next week I think!