Friday, September 10, 2010

From the desks of Isaiah, Elijah and Hannah

Another week of school for the Pellerin's. We are are finding our "groove". The boys are getting used to "power hours" which are the hours of school we do when Hannah is napping. We sure do get a lot done while she's in dreamland! Here are some highlights of our week.

Elijah is doing a brief survey of people's of the world. He's learning that as people we have differences, whether it's language, food, clothing. Here we painted his face like tribes in Africa. This design is called "the antelope"
I don't know why babies love clothes baskets but they do. And Hannah loves them with a few clothes and socks left inside. She was so happy playing and learning I couldn't help but take ....a few pics.

Take them out and put them back in, over and and over, it's so much fun.

Ok this is Hannah's silly face. She makes this face and makes sort of a snorting sound. It's hilliarious.

We took a field trip to Bellwood Orchards. It was a lot of fun. We are connected with an amazing group of homeschoolers. Each family is just so awesome and the kids are just sweet. It's a blessing to be able to be surrounded by others home educating their children. Here's our group getting the "mind your manners" speech.

Rows and rows of beautiful apples. Did you know the apple is the state fruit of Washington?

Even on a cloudy day, it's beautiful!

The kids are checking out an apple basket and taught how to gently place apples in. Because "apples are like eggs, if you are not careful eggs break and apples bruise"

Eating their picked apples. They also got to sample 4-5 different types of apples. They even put homemade amazing peanut butter on some...ahhhh I love it.

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It'sSteph said...

I can't get over how much Hannah reminds me of Isaiahs' baby pictures. People say the same of Kate and Caleb's! She too loves clothes in a basket! Watch out if I leave a basket of folded clothes around- they won't be folded anymore. She loves the tags on them too! Looks like school is going well.