Friday, September 17, 2010


Another Fun Friday Field trip. This time we went to Appel Farm. They are a dairy farm specializing in CHEESE. I love cheese. Our sweet tour guide. He was so gentle and patient with all our kids. He let them ask tons and tons of questions and he asked a ton himself.
Well hello Betsy...I don't know if that's her name but doesn't she look like one to you?

PEEEE EWWWWW what's that smell? Hmmm well that would be the cows.

Why is this cow so cute? I never really thought cows were "cute" but this one was.

Watching the cows get milked.

Maybe in heaven there will be a room like this...full of cheese. At least I hope there is tons of this stuff at the marriage supper of the Lamb. Although I don't think I'll be thinking of cheese at that point!

This was the sign above one of the entryways. Awesome huh?

So this mural was done by the same person who did the one in downtown Lynden. Maybe I'll show you that sometime.

The cutest kids.

And last but not least it's time to taste the cheese.

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