Saturday, September 11, 2010

Isaiah's 10th Birthday Pary

We pulled off another amazing birthday party for Isaiah this year. His actually birthday of course isn't until the 30th but we wanted to do something special since he's turning 10 this year. So in order to do it we had his party early so it wouldn't be so cold at night. We held his party at Milt's Pizza here in Lynden. During the summer every Saturday night they show a free movie on a big painted on a wall screen. I thought it would be totally amazing if we could do the same for Isaiah's birthday. I called and Lynn from Milt's pizza was amazing and accommodating us. So last night we had our own private viewing. The pictures do a much better job of showing all the fun so I'll let them do most of the talking.

First praise God for the weather. It was touch and go all day because if it rained we would have been rained out. It was cloudy and we had a few sprinkles in the day. I kept checking the web for hourly updates. I prayed and He held off the rain. Not only that it really wasn't that cold. We had jackets and blankets and it was totally comfortable.

I also won't get all mushy in this post about my first born turning 10! I will hold off on that until his actually birthday. I will however just state that Isaiah is an outstanding kid, and he said "Wow mom this was #1 of all my birthdays"

Ok aren't these the cutest cupcakes ever??? They looked just like boxes of popcorn. I got the wrappers from Etsy. Then of course mini marshmallows and a yellow spray from Wilton. They were a HUGE hit. Special thanks to Terra, Emma, and Auni for all your help!
Here's some of the gang at Milt's waiting for the pizza to come. They were all such great kids. They were well behaved and just were a delight to hang with.

Yeah so of course there were presents. Isaiah is super into baseball cards right now so he got a lot of them. He's so excited to sort them all out in his own special way. Mom and Dad got him metal detector! How fun, maybe he'll find me some bling?

Super cute kids!

Isaiah waiting for the pizza!

Can't say enough how much we love Milt's. If you are local go and eat there! The pizza is awesome and they staff is amazing.

The pizza has arrived!

Hannah LOVES pizza! She was so good.

Present time. Ok I have to say what a difference a year makes. Last year Isaiah didn't know too many kids for his party. But this year he had so many little buddies. He had prayed for friends and this picture could be titled "Answer to a little boy's prayer"

Happy Birthday dear Isaiah Happy Birthday to You.

The gang in front of the big screen.

The "silly" gang in front of the big screen

The movie Isaiah picked "Garfield Gets Real"

Waiting for the POPCORN! Can't watch a movie without POPCORN!

Arianna and Hannah.

And that is how we celebrate!


kelizzle said...

I love the pic of Isaiah's friends, it brought tears to my eyes.

Bethany said...

Awww ...yeah he has prayed for new friends so hard and God provided.