Friday, September 24, 2010

From the Desks of Isaiah,Elijah,and Hannah

So here is a question...why is it when you are a kid your school week seems so long and when you are an adult it goes by so fast? That's how it is for me anyway. The kids seem to be on fast forward and I just want to hit pause. So another fun week at school. I am so proud of the boys for adapting to our schedule this year. It's not always the smoothest but they just go with the flow. Isaiah finished reading "Farmer Boy". I think he's very happy about it because he said "Phew it's about time what book do I get to read next"

Hannah had her one year check up. She's perfect. Her new stats are 21lbs 14.5 oz putting her in the 65 % for weight and she's 30 inches long putting her in the 80% for height. She's super healthy just the way we like.
Elijah is getting in so practice time. Playing "Brother John" So cute.

Which shoes provide the most friction? So we measured with a protractor the angle at which the shoe started to slip.

Hannah's little shoe did do too well. The winner was Isaiah's big winter LL Bean boot.

So the challenge was to move your pater who was standing on two boards. You were to move just the top board with one finger. Impossible because there is too much friction.
But add some wooden dowels or marbles to decrease the friction and you could move the top board with a pinkie finger.

Another FUN FRIDAY FIELD trip. Our group has a new name L.I.G.H.T. which stands for Learning in Godly Homes Together. So this week we went to a local dutch bakery...that's just trouble right there. I could gain 20 pounds just looking at all the baked goods.

The Lynden Dutch Bakery has been around for 100 years.
Our group being welcomed to the bakery with the promise of a treat at the end.

HUGE cookies....yum

A big oven for baking cookies, scones,muffins and pies.OH MY

Fresh baked pies.

The bread slicer.

Checking out some dough.

ALL SMILES with a sneaky look on Elijah's face.

Scones...where's my coffee?
And the promised treat. Hannah was so funny because she kept spitting out the mm's but loved the cookie. I had her in my carrier and she made a mess of us both.=)

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It'sSteph said...

Love all those babies in your group! And the treats too.