Monday, September 20, 2010

From the Desks of Isaiah,Elijah and Hannah

So this is the round up from last week's homeschool week. First off the boys started guitar lessons. They are taking them once a week for a 1/2 hour. Elijah was especially excited because he got a new guitar that is just his size. Isaiah already had one so he was anxious to get started again.

Who is that behind that warrior mask? That's Elijah.

Elijah finished up the "People's of the World Book" with his introduction to world cultures. He studied how different people celebrate. When you think Mexico and celebrations do you think pinatas? So we made our own. So messy but so worth it. You blow up a balloon and then cover it with newspaper soaked in glue and water mixture.

Keep adding and adding. I think we did about 7 layers. Then let it dry, this could take more than a day as we found out.

All decorated and ready to destroy.

Ready for the boys to hit.

Took about 5 wakes and down she went.

Enjoying the bounty!

They finished a chapter on gravity. We are so thankful to have a library system that is huge and easy to use. We found some great books to help in our study.

Well hello big blue eyed baby girl! You're almost officially one!

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