Thursday, October 14, 2010

Amazing Fall in Maine

Not the best family still alludes us. But here we are hiking up Gorham mountain in Acadia National's our favorite place ever! Isaiah was not feeling good at all but was a super trooper and did the whole hike! Notice even though he is a big 10 year old, he still wants his mommy. Check out classic Elijah and of course Hannah Bear on my back.

Bubby looking out over the Atlantic Ocean. BEAUTIFUL.

Hannah may have been born in Washington but she was made in Maine and she is a true Main-ah. She climbed up parts of the mountain by herself. She loved it.

Look at her go! She was born to climb!

They are still adorable in the matching outfits.

Oh yeah I love fall in Maine!

Isaiah taking a rest and looking out over the ocean.

Look at that ocean!

Could we have gotten a more amazing day to take in the foliage?

Sand Beach in the left corner.

Hills of changing leaves.

Just love the red and orange.

The day was warm and perfect.

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