Thursday, October 14, 2010

Friends & Family

There were so many people to see on our trip back to Maine. It was almost impossible to see everyone. We did our best. It was amazing to see everyone. I especially loved seeing all the kids who have grown so much in the past year in a half. Here is a photo parade of all the amazing people we got to see on our trip.
Isaiah and Taylor! She has grown so tall! They LOVED hanging out with each other.
COUSINS! Taylor and Miguel!

Grammie helping Hannah Bear walk. She really "took off" walking in Maine.

The cutest little face ever. "Baby" Miggy! My favorite quote from him was when we saw his baby sister on the ultrasound. I said "wow the baby looks so much like you Miguel" and he said all distraught "No it doesn't, that baby looks like poop" HA the things kids say.

More Cousins Taylor and Alannah!

The oldest Grandkids Alannah and Isaiah.

Alannah and Hannah!

Me and Fle in front of the Bean Boot in Freeport. It was an amazingly beautiful day for a fall drive to do some shopping.

Isaiah and Miguel at Governors.

Peter with his RED hotdogs! YUMMMM

Celebrating Angela's baby! I threw a little shower for her and was super happy to see some friends. We go back many years. From left to right Stephanie, Becky (thanks for opening your beautiful home), Angela and baby, Me, Felecia and Noah, and Aura.

Hannah and Nana (Peter's Mom)

Hannah and Noah meeting for the first time.
Ok so this wasn't the best of the 3 pictures I took but it's so Elijah I had to post it. Here's Peter, his dad, and the kids.
Becky, me and Lisa!

Lots of fun at the cornmaze! From left to right Naomi, Peter,Penny Ethan,Mayline,Serina,Paul,Peter, Isaiah, Elijah, and Lia

Peter and Bob

Hannah and Eliana! These two girls are "answered prayers"
Longtime friends, Lia,Naomi, Isaiah, Elijah, Emma and Ethan. The older kids have been friends since the womb practically!

Amazing wonderful friends...Emma, Eli, Eric and Elissa

Peter and I we celebrated 11 years of marriage in Maine

Lots of friends squeezed on on hayride!
More friends! Isaiah, Alyssa, Calli, Isaac, Isaiah and Noah

Amy and I. Not nearly enough time spent visiting Amy!

Stephanie and I and the BIG FLUFF!!

Hannah and Levi
And the friends keep on coming. Joseph,Isaac, Isaiah, Davey and Solomon.

Hannah Bear warming up to Grammie and Papa's hand.

I love this picture. Hannah loves the Papa

A bast from the past! LHS girls! I got to visit with some high school friends. Jen (my bff) Cyndi (whose bed I threw up in) and Sue (who actually goes to my moms church now...small world) and me! All grown up with tons of babies!

Hannah and Sue's little girl

Hannah and Isaiah (yep Jen's little boy is Isaiah,she also has a son Elijah TOO funny

My brother Jonathan had us over for the BEST chicken parm EVER! So good!

Hannah Bear in her favorite spot at Grammie and Papa's house.

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