Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flying "home"

We've been gone for two weeks back to Maine! I took a vacation from blogging and now I am regretting it as I upload 300 plus pics from my camera. But I am going to enjoying blogging all that we did and saw. First up....the plane! We flew JetBlue direct from Seattle to Boston....awesome no lay overs and with 3 kiddos that's the way to go. Hannah did ok on the way there and much better on the way back. The boys loved it. They watched movies and played DS and looked out the window. 5 1/2 hours or so later we were on the other side of the country!! Amazing!

SeaTac airport is awesome. (Sorry Logan) They have a great play area for the kids. We hung out there before we boarded.
Hannah LOVED it.

The boys on the plane. Isaiah had window seat on the way there and Elijah had it on the way back. Both days were clear and beautiful.

Hannah Bear sitting in the empty seat for a few moments on the way to Maine. She doesn't look impressed.

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