Wednesday, October 13, 2010

First thing was first...get that girl to the church!

So the main reason for going back to Maine was for my sister Christine's wedding. She's been planning it for about 2 years. I knew when we moved out to WA we'd be back for Oct 2! So we had lots of wedding stuff to do the first few days. And sad to say because I was so busy and in the wedding I don't have a lot of pictures. Oh well there were so many taken of that day I am sure I'll get a few for my wall.

What a gross picture huh? But Thursday my sisters Christine and Mary and I made hundreds of Gram's chocolate chip cookies as favors for the guests. They came out awesome and it was such a sweet personal touch.

Getting our nails done the day before the wedding. I loved it.

Christine did all the decorations herself, right down to sewing the table runners. Everything was so personal and elegant. It was fun to help decorate and see it all come together.

This is my sweet baby baby sister Mary. Isn't she breathtakingly beautiful? She was the maid of honor and wore a special red dress. I can't express how much fun I had hanging out with her during our whole visit but especially at the wedding.
They're married! The brand new Mr and Mrs. Check out the church!!

Speaking of married here are my parents. They will be married 40 years in April. Amazing! My mom always looks beautiful but she was especially glowing this day.

My dad and Christine. He was so stinkin' cute because part of the dance was done to "My Girl" and he totally busted a move. I loved it!

Cutting of the cake. The cake was done by my cousin and reminded me so much of my Gram. It was so good.

Who is that little lady in red? Hannah Bear and Mommy. She didn't recognize me at first. Amazing what hair and makeup can do to you!

Christine and Mom....I love this picture!

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