Thursday, October 14, 2010


By far the coolest thing we have done in school. I must admit I was tempted to just skip this part of our awesome curriculum but I decided to try it with the boys and figured if we failed we would still learn. Oh have mentioned how much we love our new science for this year? Supercharged Science is an amazing curriculum. It's super homeschooler friendly and the lady Aurora Lipper and her staff her run it are awesome. Everything is clearly laid out with amazing video. The hardest part was collecting the materials. When we got home from Maine there was a package from Aurora with two propellers (the last of my items to collect) It was just a thank you gift from her to us. How sweet was that? I took that as a clear sign we should go ahead an attempt this project. This hovercraft project was so easy to follow. We just watched the video, paused when needed and would you look at that we have a hovercraft. This was the final hands on project to wrap up our section on friction in case you were wondering why we would be interested in making a hovercraft.
Who knew with some foam trays, hot glue gun, Popsicle stick, some little motors and a few other parts we could create an actual moving working hovercraft.
Elijah is twisting the wires that we stripped for a better connection.

Isaiah is very careful to twist the wires tight.

Elijah is connecting the wires to the 'hover' motor. This motor gives the craft the lift we needed.

Isaiah is connecting the other side of the motor that will connect to the battery.

The cup was placed over the thruster so we wouldn't cut our fingers on the propeller. Safety first! Speaking of which Elijah cut his finger pretty bad trying to remove an unwanted gear from one of the motors. He took one for the team.

Will it work? Yes!

They were so proud and amazed at what they were able to create. They are already scheming on other projects they can make. I am up for it if they are!!

Check out the video of the craft in action!


Legume said...

Tell me about this science curriculum! Are you in the 30 day trail now, or did you like it enough to keep going with it? Are there classes that you choose from or enroll in?

Anonymous said...

Hi im Sahil im in 7th grade and in TSA Tsa is an organization where you get to build stuff like a hover craft and guess what i chose to make a hovercraft can you give me some tips on what kind of material i should use???????? Please help