Saturday, October 16, 2010

Safeway Field Trip

So in Maine it's Shaws or Hannaford in Washington it's Fred Myer of Safeway. We chose Safeway for our grocery store field trip and it was a blast. Being welcomed by the store manager. He was so awesome with our kids.
Showing the kids the security camera. He said he might see them if they try to steal a candy bar or he might not "But there is someone always watching and knows and that is God" How awesome was that?

Watching friends on the screen.

Of course any place with a Starbucks is a good place to be. The kids got treated to a strawberry frappe.

Hannah Bear has a new friend, Sydney. They are 2 months apart. They loved each other on this field trip.

Isaiah being a gentlemen holding the door open for the group.

The floral department!

The produce department. Where he talked about how God has made such awesome foods to keep us healthy.

The favorite.

The kids got to watch how they make and decorate donuts. And not to leave their mouths watering...

got to eat one for a treat!

Hannah loved the donut but had her sights on something bigger and chocolate!!

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