Thursday, December 9, 2010

Better to give than to recieve

You probably have one too, a jar or container where you stash your loose change. We have a box and it sits in the laundry room (for some reason all change makes it way to the washing machine on our house) So over the months I just toss it all in. This year I decided to let the kids have it to buy Christmas gifts. But not for each other or for Mom and Dad instead they went shopping through the gift catalog through Samaritan's purse. First we painstakingly counted all the change. Then I read and showed them pictures of all the possible gift ideas. They each picked what they wanted to give. It was very interesting to see what they decided on and why. Check out Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog for more awesome can even have a card sent to the person who the gift is in the name of. I think it's perfect for the person who has everything.

I can tell you that after perusing the catalog and reading about the needs around the world conviction is being felt heavy in my heart. I am still processing all that the Lord is speaking to me about. It's a bit more than I bargained for while trying to teach the kids a lesson on giving.

My first thoughts however harsh...I am a hypocrite. Yes that's right I am. Because I have year after year fallen into the commercialized Christmas trap.It made me really think about how we celebrate Christmas. You know what I mean all the rushing to buy gifts (gulp my black Friday) for our kids, for family, and for friends. Giving more and more, spending more and more. I think we make excuses to why we participate in the commercialized version of Christmas. I know I do. Do these sound familiar? Well it's for the kids, it's about family, it's about memories, or it's good to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I have said all of those and more. I think I am convicted on more levels than just the materialistic aspects of celebrating Christmas. It's more about do we do with our time, money and resources all year round and in the season of over indulgence it is magnified more.

So this was turned into....

From Isaiah a soccer ball because "I really love soccer and I bet some other kids would really like it too"

From Hannah, baby chicks...she didn't really have a reason she just liked the picture of the chicks. But her gift will provide food and income for a family in need.
From Elijah a mosquito net because "it would help people from getting really sick"

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It'sSteph said...

I just perused the World Vision catalogue and it is heartbreaking... yet so hopeful too, that so little can do so much. This time of year is such a struggle, isn't it? We love our kids and want to give them the world, but we want them to see the world in need too. We are definately picking out gifts again this year!