Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Lights of Christmas

Last night we went to the Lights of Christmas. It was AMAZING. I have never seen so many lights. Hannah has learned a new word "ohhhhhhhh" said with amazement. I didn't actually take a lot of pictures of the lights. I was too busy enjoying them and my batteries were quickly dying so I saved them for more pictures of the KIDS of course. Check out the website, it's a sight to see.

Lights in the shape of mountains...very Pacific Northwest.
Lots of kids having lots of fun.

Who are these animals?

Hannah LOVED the lights. I told her they were "hot" so she wouldn't touch them.

Pretty Maine

BIG tree!

Who is that cool looking family in front of the tree?

This tree was HUGE

Our sweet dear friends in front of the BIG tree.

Isn't this picture awesome? Look at Elijah's classic "Elijah" face.

The Manger Scene

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