Sunday, December 5, 2010


Time to decorate the tree. There are so many ornaments we have collected over the past 11 years. Peter and I have a little snowman that a friends mom made us that says "Our first Christmas 1999" It's one of my favorites. The boys have so many, and Isaiah said "oh I have a lot of good memories about that one" as he hung the ornament with a picture of him on his first Christmas (he was 3 months old so I am not sure what memories he has) Hannah played with her baby's first Christmas pink bell and Elijah loves the pregnant bear ornament that I had when I was 7 months pregnant with him. It's so fun to open the box and look back through our little family's history. Elijah begged me for 2 days to decorate the tree.
Isaiah is as pro. A friend of mine said she hangs the Christmas cards she receives on the tree. I loved this idea especially since we get so many from friends and family far away and today most people send photo cards. It's nice to look in and see familiar faces that are far away but close in our hearts.

Oh boy Hannah and the tree. I think she took more ornaments of than on. The tree is in the "office/computer room" which is sealed of to any toddlers who might want to attack it. She can see it from the living room and when the lights are on she say "ohhhhhhh"

Nearly impossible to get a picture of 3 kids.

Last night we went to the lighted parade in our town. We didn't go last year because Bear was so young and thought it would be too cold. And last night was cold even for us Mainers. It was 40 but the wind was strong and COLD. But we braved it with some of our friends. And it was a lot of fun. Elijah said "this was my best day ever" He says that a lot I think it's cute.
Baby it's cold outside!

Tulips are a big deal in Lydnen, they are very Dutch. So "Front" street is lined with these lighted tulips.

Bear all bundled taking in the lights. She had big eyes and her mouth was open allot.

Not easy to take pictures in the dark but here are a few.
But to see awesome ones from the local paper click here

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