Friday, December 17, 2010

Homeschool Christmas Party

What happens when you have a group of amazing homeschool families at Christmastime? You have an amazing Christmas party. There was pizza, cookies, crafts and Christmas music in the background. So many kids so much fun. It was actually hard to capture everything with a camera but here are some highlights.

These were so cute. They were pop up Christmas decorations. The kids had so much fun designing their own Christmas scenes.
Decorating a goodie bag to bring home all their goodies!

Popsicle stick friends. Isaiah and Elijah made me each a snowman!


Where's Hannah? She loved being part of this day!

Reading a story about the true meaning of Christmas. Then they decorated cookies that symbolize a part of the Christmas story.

Look at baby bear holding her marker and making her bag. Yes I let my 1 year old use a marker.

So Hannah was very very quiet and we soon found out why. She stumbled upon a plate of decorated cookies and helped herself. Luckily the owner of the cookies was not upset and let her finish off the angel one. She made such a mess.

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