Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Today is Peter's birthday. (despite my attempt every year to make it the 6th) He is in the middle of shutdown at the mill so he spent ALL day there. But the kids and I were busy today making things special for when he got home. We made a large "happy birthday" banner, homemade wrapping paper for his new "Hymns worship" cd, and then we made a baseball cake. The cake came out so cute. It actually fell right in line with Elijah's' social studies lesson. He is still learning about community helpers and this week was "the baker". So he got to help bake and decorate daddy's birthday cake. I love that about homeschooling. Life is learning! Peter is not much of a birthday person. "Don't make a big deal", he says. But I AM a birthday person and I couldn't let the day go by without doing a little something. Peter is such an awesome dad, and the boys just think the world of him. I am so thankful that our sons have a godly man to follow after. They want to be like their dad, and their dad wants to be like Jesus. Peter is also an amazing husband. I know I don't praise him enough for being the wonderful man in my life that he is. So here for all the world to husband is awesome and I love him!

Making the Happy Birthday Banner
Elijah aka the little baker frosting
the cake

The finsished baseball cake. Peter
told us he always had a baseball
cake as a kid.
Happy Birthday to you!

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