Monday, May 19, 2008

Woment's retreat Reflection

What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee. In God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust; I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.
(Psa 56:3-4)

The women's retreat is always such a great time to get away from the distractions of everyday life and just sit at the feet of Jesus and learn. Every year I go expectant to hear God speak to me in a personal way. He never disappoints. He always meets me right where I am and speaks just the right words I need to hear.

This year the Lord really seemed to focus on my personal relationship with Him and one area in particular, trusting in Him. The very last song we sang I don't even remember what the name of it was but it just reaffirming that He is God, He is Lord. And just as I thought the Lord forgot to speak that personal word to me, there it was. He reminded me of how faithful He has been to me. How much He has blessed me. How His blessings are given despite me. When I was faithless, He was still faithful. When my prayers were faithless, He heard them and answered them. Not only did He answer them but He did exceedingly abundantly above what I asked. He has proven Himself to me. He deserves my trust, He although shouldn't have had to earn it He has earned it. He is worthy of my praise, and my very life. He also spoke to my fears. He has everything under control. And even if every blessing in my life should be taken away tomorrow He is still God and He has conquered sin and death. Nothing can touch me, since this world is just temporary. I have a hope and that hope is a source of comfort. I had a moment of true repentance for my fear and doubt and lack of true worship. Then He just flooded me with His mercy and love and I was really able to surrender more. He put my fears to rest just reminding me of His eternal promises that I need to lay hold of now. And I know I'll have moments of fear again but that they are unfounded, they are a lie, and He has proven Himself faithful.

Trusting in the Lord when things are good seems to come easy. Trusting in Him when things get rough certainly tests that trust. For me I don't want to wait until a trial comes, or my world is shaken to see if my trust in the Lord is true. I want to be a woman of the word, of prayer, standing on the firm foundation of Christ. I am so thankful that Lord had compassion on me to show me my fear was indeed lack of trust in Him.

How humbling that the Creator of the Universe is so concerned with my relationship with Him. Who am I?

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Felicia said...

I didn't know the verse you quoted would be so applicable to my current situation. God really used it to speak to my heart that I can't let Satan and the people that are being used by him attack my spirit. But even though they do try to squash my happiness and peace, the joy of the Lord is my strength.