Friday, May 9, 2008

A Mouse Tale :John the Mouse by :Isaiah

Isaiah read Mouse Tales by Arnold Lobel a few weeks ago. For this weeks writing assignment Isaiah was asked to write his own "mouse tale". The only criteria was the main character had to be a mouse. The day before he wrote it he worked on who the main character would be, the setting, and the plot of the story. With that in place he completed his "mouse tale"yesterday. He drew pictures to go along with the story but I will just publish his story here.

A Mouse Tale: John the Mouse
By: Isaiah
Once there was a mouse named John. John, the mouse liked to take walks in the city. His favorite time to walk was in the summer. It was warm and dry. He liked the blue sky.
One summer day, John the mouse took a walk. It was very hot. He did not like it that hot. So John turned back to go to his house. He found a dollar on the sidewalk. He had an idea.
He walked to the ice cream stand. He bought a chocolate ice cream with the dollar. John was cool now.

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