Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A little of this and a little of that...

1. Big "Daddy" tadpole as the kids have loving named him has sprouted some back legs. It's very cool. He's by far the biggest of the five tadpoles and he's going to be a BIG frog! The boys are so excited!

2. So Isaiah has turned into quite the little reader. He is assigned a new book each week to be read Monday through Friday but he can never wait that long. He usually finishes it in two sittings. It has turned into a special for him and Elijah. They cuddle up somewhere and Isaiah will read to Elijah. It's absolutely adorable to hear Isaiah ask comprehension questions. (wonder where he got that from?) Today Isaiah finished Amelia Bedila and I just had to snap a few shots of the two of them. This is one of the special treats of homeschooling.

3. It's hard being a parent! As Peter reminded me last night so much is learned by example. That can be hard to hear when you know you miss the mark everyday. Yesterday was a character molding day. It was hard for me to stick to my guns and follow through with a punishment. We had a long talk about "justice and consequences" in response to my son asking for mercy. It can be easy to just give mercy as an easy way out of a situation. But I've been so convicted after hearing a comment from the speaker at the women's retreat. She just mentioned the trend she sees in society today where parents are afraid of their kids. And that kids run the show. I felt that pull yesterday. I didn't want my son to be angry at me for punishing him for something he did wrong. I didn't want him to be sad. I then realized punishing him was loving him. I explained to him how if he wanted to go on a hike down a path that I knew had a furious lion that wanted to eat him, I would not let him go. Even if he cried and begged, I wouldn't let him go. I would do everything in my power to keep him from going down that path. I explained to him it is the same with sin. Sin is a dangerous path,and Satan is like a roaring lion wanting to devour him and keep him from the path of what is right. God wants me as his mom to help keep him on the path that leads to God and sometimes that means having to punish him for wrongs he has done. It seemed to seep in. I was still sad that he probably went to bed mad at me. But today as we ate lunch he said "mom you're going to make a good grammie someday because you are such a nice mom now" So those fears are lie. Proverbs 31:28 Her sons rise up and call her blessed. Oh how I long to hear that!

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