Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Simple Things

I've been plagued by allergies all week. (well what I think is allergies) I've been walking around in a haze. Yesterday we were going a little stir crazy so decided to take the kids on a nature hike up on "Trout Lake Ridge Trail" which is right up the road from our house. I whined a little because I have not been feeling all that great. But I went. The hike was just about an hour to the top and then back down. The boys loved it. Peter wanted to find the actual "lake" but to no avail. The weather was so strange. Beautiful blue skies, and then pouring rain. We had to find shelter under some trees. But the rain didn't dampen our fun. We just enjoyed our kids, talking with them, listening to them, getting to know them better. It was just a simple thing, but it is one of those things you do that is a memory and a memory that will bring a smile. One thing I learned about Isaiah is that he enjoys taking in God's creation. He seemed to enjoy being alone with his own thoughts and when something struck him he would chime in. Elijah on the other hand had to vocalize every discovery he saw and ask questions. They picked mom flowers, said hello to a little frog, inspected moose and deer droppings, and collected a few pretty rocks. A simple family day but what a blessing! No pictures we were too busy!

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