Thursday, November 20, 2008

All I want for Christmas is.....sleep?

We have a few of those toy catalogs floating around our house, as I am sure you do. We have told the kids to mark 3 things they would really like for Christmas. Elijah has looked over these catalog a million times. He has carefully wrote his name next to a few items but he still has one more and just can't seem to narrow it down. He went up on our bed last night to watch some tv with catalog in hand. Isaiah came down and said he had fallen asleep. I couldn't resit taking his picture. He was so out and the catalog was laying right next to him. His little cheeks always get red when he's overly tired. He was also very excited yesterday afternoon when we got snow flurries. He said "Christmas and my birthday are when it snows"


It'sSteph said...

This could have been Caleb. He takes them to bed with him. And same thing... he can't narrow down that one thing he really wants! I love how Christmasy it is here at the Pellerins!

sarasusen said...

Very Nice blog! You MUST help me "deck" mine out for the Holidays! And very cute kid too :-)