Monday, November 17, 2008


Ok ANNIE I am doing your tag challenge!

1. I really hate being woken up. I am grumpy and don't like to talk to anyone. I like waking up on my own, unfortunately that doesn't always happen.

2. I am planning a costume party for Elijah's 5th birthday and I am going as a banana.

3. I live with my best friends!

4. Having baby number 3 (or 4 for that matter) is not longer something I am fearful of.

5. I have issues with keeping my clothes organized and putting them away, they usually end up in a pile on my bedroom's very embarrassing.

6. Homeschooling my kids has been an unexpected joy in my life. I knew we would homeschool but I didn't realize what a blessing it would be to me personally and how it would strengthen my relationship with the Lord. It's amazing.

7. I am looking forward to the first snowfall!

So now I am tagging some people...Stephanie ,Sara, Tab, Alyene (her's is private) That's all the people I know who have a blog and I don't want to tag random people.


It'sSteph said...

I'm working on the tag. Why so hard to think of 7 random things about myself?

Bethany said...

Yeah it's not that easy! LOL I am looking for a Christmas background. I was thinking it would be awesome to have scented screens...

sarasusen said...

I did mine! Check it out on my blog! Oh yeah- rumor has it I won 2 ribbons in the photo contest at the Library! I'll have to go tomorrow and check it out!