Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

I've always wanted to cut down our own Christmas tree. And this year I finally got to do it. Our good friends invited us to a little treasure way in "the county" for the ultimate tree cutting expedition. When I got out of the truck I was overwhelmed with the smell of trees...Christmas trees! There was a nice layer of snow on the ground but the weather was perfect. We really had to hunt for our tree. Not that there were not a lot to choose from or the selection was bad, but we had to trek into the woods. A few times I thought we even got lost. But after hours of hunting we found the tree. After we loaded the trees up we headed back to pay at" Santa's Tree Hill" and they served us hot chocolate and cider. It was dark by the time we headed home, but we had so much fun and we will be making this our new tradition.

Here's Peter taking the kids deep into the woods in the search for the perfect tree. They didn't find it.

"Hey honey let's check over here" I did, and we didn't find it over there.

The kids however found the perfect tree for their room! They are very excited to make their Christmas tree decorations.
Taking a break from the tree hunting for a family picture....Mom and Dad look ok...check out Isaiah's face...and then of course check out Elijah! Will we ever get a normal family picture? (Sara help us)

And here she is. We were about to give up and just buy one they had down at the main house, but on the way back the boys and I spotted this. It was just right...big enough for me...and Peter compromised to make me happy! Thanks honey!
Peter cutting down the tree. I didn't even know we owned a saw let alone that he knew how to use one. But I am happy to report 10 fingers were under that tree and 10 came back out

Peter dragging the tree back to the truck! Look he's smiling

This is not the tree we ended up with but I just loved it. It was HUGE. Isaiah took this picture and told me to give the tree a "hug"

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