Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Many Faces of Elijah

Elijah is such a little character. He reminds me a lot of me. He is silly,fun, extremely sensitive, and full of energy. I took some pictures of him yesterday with Felicia's camera (so much better than mine) Just wanted to share some of the many faces of Elijah.
Elijah snuggling with his "best friend" brother Isaiah.
This is the face he calls his "silly face"

This is the "dimple face" I love this picture because you can really see the little dimple he has on his upper cheek. That little dimple was the first thing I noticed about him after I had given birth and they handed him to me.
This is the "sweet face" Just sweet, plain and simple.

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darlin884 said...

awwww I love my little squishy.