Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We are continuing our study through the medieval ages. We wrapped up studying castles and now we have moved on to knights. Yesterday I let the kids wear their knight costumes we bought at Walmart for 75% off...they were 3.00 a piece. Once they put them on they didn't want to take them off and even wore the to the post office. ( I wonder what the locals thought of us) Today we studied about the ceremony of becoming a knight. The boys made their own swords to remind them each knight had their own special sword. Tomorrow they will make their own coat of arms and learn about knights participating in tournaments. Maybe we'll do one of our own...although we don't have horses.


It'sSteph said...

Glad to see someone else is getting in the Christmas spirit:)

sarasusen said...

Hey= I can't read your entry in white letters! I think you should change it to a lighter shade blue or something else darker. maybe it's just my monitor- but I thought I'd let you know :-)