Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Civics Lesson Homeschool Style

What better way to teach about the right to vote than to take your kids to the polls to vote with you. Over the past few weeks we've studied the election process and this morning it was a great experience to take them with me to vote.

This election has been extremely hot. The kids have noticed all the ads on tv, listened in on conversations and I think they have grasped how important it is to vote! It has also been a time to reflect with them that God is ultimately in charge. And that at the end of the day Jesus is still King and we are still hidden in Him.

Here are the boys in front of the Topsfield town office. Our polls did not open until 10am!
Here they boys are receiving my official ballot. The people running the polling were so nice and really helped me make this a great learning experience for the kids!I Love this picture. There were 3 different voting booths but this one the boys decided was the most special because it had a curtain. I hope that this picture will serve as reminder to them when they are older how important it is for them to stand up and be counted

Isaiah had the honor of putting the ballot in the box. (no machines here in the sticks) Afterwards we each received the coveted "I voted today" sticker! Just before we left the ladies offered the boys a homemade cookie. I am falling in love with small town charm!

Here we are with our stickers and smiling!

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