Monday, May 25, 2009

Day Four 530 miles of driving OH MY

So we left Ohio an hour later than we wanted...we slept in..until 6:30! After a great breakfast we hit the rode. We knew today would be nothing but car for us. We did 530 miles today. We are now in Rochester ,Minnesota.

We left Ohio and drove through a part of Indiana. What can I say about what we did see of Indiana...farms. Yep that's about all we saw. We then crossed over into Illinois and headed for Chicago. I was so nervous driving through there. People drive very fast and there are like 5 lanes of traffic full of people who know where they're going. We managed to make it out.

From there we crossed into to Wisconsin....more FARMS. Seriously farm after farm after farm. Some with lots of cows, some with no cows. But they are very big on their cheese. There are big cheese billboards begging you to stop at their cheese place. We finally gave in and pulled over for some cheese and a bathroom break. They have squeaky cheese. This is like cheese curd that when you eat it, it squeaks. Kind of gross but it tastes good. We got some cute pictures of this stop (see below)

Then we crossed into Minnesota, right over the Mississippi river. We were pretty tired by this point and decided to call it a night and pull into the Holiday Inn. We are hoping to get very close to Mt Rushmore tomorrow...8 plus hours of driving...oh boy.

We are doing well. The boys are keeping themselves busy and hanging in there. Peter is very focused on "getting" there. And as for me, between this little pumpkin kicking me all the time and being Peter's second pair of eyes I am doing good. =)

Here's Chicago as taken from our car window.

This is one big cow. Some of you may not know this but I used to collect and love cows. This was in front of the cheese store we stopped at. You could see this cow from the highway and he mooed us over. I had to get my picture with her, and Elijah snuck in it too.
Cheesy kids. I really wanted to buy these cheese hats, but at 24.00 I couldn't justify the novelty nor do with have space for these obnoxious souvenirs. A picture is good enough though.

The boys in front of a Wisconsin map. They look like they love each other but I think they were fighting in the car just seconds before.

The Mississippi River as taken from our car window.

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sarasusen said...

I LOVE the cheese hats! Made me laugh out loud.....