Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day two 530 miles of driving.

Day two of our adventure...seriously spent the day in the car driving. We left Portland at 7:30 and had decided we wanted to be in Niagara Falls NY by dinner. We did but wow that was allot of driving. The kids did SO great today. They watched a movie, used their children's atlas', played DS, and took a nap. So there aren't too many pictures from today, but tomorrow is our big trip to the Falls. I am off to research what we should do and see.
(above)The bridge leaving Maine and entering in to New Hampshire...surprisingly I didn't start crying.
(below) Massachusetts welcomes us. And then the New York sign.
(above) Dinner finally....Elijah loves garlic bread and spaghetti so he was one happy kid. We ate this little Italian place and they kids couldn't resist throwing some pennies into the fountain.

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kelizzle said...

When we left to go to NJ, I cried when we went over the bridge to New Hampshire. When we came back it was a weight that lifted off me. I am glad you are doing this blog to show how it was getting to WA. You are very brave. Miss You and love you guys!!