Sunday, May 31, 2009

Looking for a place to live

Yesterday we looked at two potential house to rent. One was definitely a possibility. It is located in a gated community in Birch Bay which is right on the water. It's beautiful. Inside the community there are many little parks with playgrounds, tennis court, pool and a golf course. The house was modest but had tons of space even a potential "homeschool" room. The views were amazing. AND...the day was bright sunny and warm and there were no BUGS. I am not kidding, no black flies. We couldn't believe it. We could actually stand outside and enjoy it without hosing each other down in bug spray. It was a real treat.

We also ran some errands, picked up our po box key, went to the grocery store, washed the car and drove around trying to get a better sense of the area. It's still overwhelming to me.

We went to Watcom Falls park. It is beautiful and I didn't take any we'll have to go back. This is one of the many parks in Bellingham. This one has a path for biking,walking, running that takes you down to a beautiful waterfall. The boys said "look it's like Niagara Falls" and it did look like a mini one. There were playgrounds for the kids, which you would think my kids wouldn't see as anything special but living out in the sticks going to a playground was a real treat. So they really enjoyed themselves.

We walked downtown Bellingham in the evening for some ice cream for dinner. We are all french fried and burgered out and thought ice cream for dinner sounded good and it was. The downtown area has a lot of local shops and restaurants. It's fairly clean and reminded me a bit of the Old Port. I didn't take pictures of that either. I guess maybe I didn't want to look like an outsider. LOL

Oh a funny story. I called a guy to make an appointment to see a property. He kept asking me to repeat myself, it was kind of annoying. Then he asked "well where are you from you have a heavy accent' I said "from Maine" and he said "well that explains it." I almost died. I don't have an accent. But who knows maybe I do.

Today we are going to check out one of the local Calvary's. I am glad to be around some Christians and to feel more at home. Yesterday at breakfast we were explaining the kids that we were going to a new church with new friends. And Elijah got very quiet (not like him for those of you who know him well) and I asked what was wrong. He would tell me. I pressed him harder and he said he was "nervous" about going to a new church. I realized that I had been so focused on how this move has made me feel, I took for granted the boys were doing just fine with it. But Elijah reminded me that they are processing this whole thing to. I reassured him that he is such an awesome kid, nice, funny, and everyone will just love him when we go to church. But I told him if for any reason he wants me I will come and get him out of children's ministry. Isaiah is just desperate to meet some kids his age. He said he's not nervous. He is ready to settle down I think. He was planning out who was staying in each room at the house we looked at and where we would put the tv.

I'll take pictures today.

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Hey about the accent now you know how I feel. :) Kelly