Monday, June 1, 2009

First Sunday in Washington

We headed to church Sunday morning. There are two CC's within a 20 min drive or so, but we decided to try CC Lynden first. The church reminded us a lot of our church in Lincoln. It was an old service building transformed into a church. It was about the same size as the church in Lincoln and maybe a few more people. Everyone was super friendly and very welcoming. They all wanted to know what brought us all the way from Maine. We felt at ease bringing the kids to children's ministry. The classes were divided into age groups of 2. So Elijah was with the 4-5 and Isaiah with the 2nd -3rd graders. They had separate smaller buildings for children's ministry so Isaiah was in one small building and Elijah in another. The worship was wonderful, singing many of the same songs we know and the teaching was really great. (the pastor was away but the guy who filled in was really good) The boy came out of children's ministry beaming. They loved it. They both met some kids and shared with us what they had learned. We asked if they wanted to go back and they both answered with a "YES" That was very comforting because it's so important for us to be in a fellowship that values children and teaching them they way we feel we are called to by the Lord. So we are excited to go back and meet more people and get to know them better.

After church we had lunch at a Jack in the Box...I loved it. =)

Then we went to look at house in Ferndale...which is North of Bellingham, west of Lynden and East of Birch Bay. This house was HUGE, a redone farm house. The downstairs was so big I honestly don't know what I would do with all the space. Surrounding the property is farmland. It was beautiful. Literally next to the house is a horse stable and the horse come right up to the fence. In the back is the most amazing view of Mt. Baker. It's so hard to decide on where to live. We have more to look at today.

After dinner we went back to Watcom Falls Park and this time I took pictures. I'll let them do the talking for me.

This is the town of Lynden where church is. It is a huge Dutch community. This is the windmill right in town.

This is the view from the backyard of the property we looked it. Seriously I never get tired of this mountain. It's just so beautiful. It stays snow covered all year round.

The waterfall at Watcom Falls park.

Flowers are everywhere in the park. They are so bright.

From the trail that wraps around the park. It's all woods and the best part is NO BLACK FLIES.

They are just too cute. They are having so much fun exploring.


kelizzle said...

I might not be able to show any more pics to John. He loves loves nature and mountains and landscapes. So when I showed him the pic he was like "lets move to Washington" LOl.
Miss you guys.
<3 kelly

It'sSteph said...

So glad things are coming together and that you enjoyed the church! The Lord is directing your path as promised!