Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A few Reflections....

We have been here in Washington for a little over two weeks, but it feels like much longer. We've been so busy trying to settle in, unpacking, calling to have things changed over, a million errands, I haven't had time to blog about all that has gone on.

So we're all moved in to our house..well our rental. There are still boxes that need to be unpacked but I am happy to report that the unpacked ones are in the minority. There are still lots of things to be done to make it feel more like home, all the little touches. Those will come in time. We are in Birch Bay Village which is a gated community. The speed limit is 20 mph. So as you can imagine it is very safe and quiet. The boys are loving the freedom to walk, run and ride their bikes. Speaking of which we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Elijah's new spider man bike.

We have been enjoying CC Lynden. The church reminds us a lot of Lincoln. It's almost set up exactly the same. The chairs, the lobby, the nursing mother's room all set up the same. It may sound silly but it is comforting to have it that way. Everyone at the church has been so welcoming and helpful. We have been really blessed to enter into such a great group of believers. We hope to be as much of a blessing to them as they have been to us the past few weeks. The boys really love it. They ask during the week if it's time to go back to church. That is a great thing. Next week every day it is VBS. They are beyond excited for it.

We have met some local homeschoolers and there is a huge homeschool community in Watcom county. The summer is slow but we are looking forward to field trips and clubs in the fall. For now every Wednesday local homeschools meet at various parks around the area for fun. We went to our first park day yesterday and although the boys took a little longer than usual to meet some kids by the time it was time to go they met some great kids. I got the chance to meet many homeschool parents and it was really great to get connected.

The boys and I have been enjoying all there is to offer here. There are so many parks and playgrounds I don't think we'll hit them all this summer. We went to one in Lynden last week that was like something out of a story book. It was huge and really creative. The beach is but a small drive or longer walk right in the village and there are so many sand dollars when the tide is out you loose count. They are just beautiful, and always remind me of how creative our God is.

Peter is settling in at his new job. We are adjusting to the new hours. He is gone from about 6-5:30. And we are more than ready for him to get home and eat dinner. But on the up side he has a four day week and has every Friday-Sunday off. So the extra long weekend is nice. His refinery is very close, we can see it from the beach in the village.

The baby is growing, I know this because I am growing!! We have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow to monitor a cyst they found on her at 18 weeks. The doctor has assured me it's nothing to worry about and I am doing my best not to. I am trusting that the Lord is forming her exactly the way He wants and that His way is perfect. I am hoping to get some great pictures to post tomorrow.

On a more personal level I must say that I have good days and not so good days. I really do like it here. Part of me wishes I would hate it so we would figure out a way to come back to Maine. But honestly it's really beautiful here and there is just so much opportunity for Peter, for the boys, for ministering to people. I have days that I don't feel like I am on the other side of the country and then I have days that I am homesick. But through it all I have realized a few very important truths.

First God is the same here in Washington as He is in Maine. And that He is the true comforter. The other day I was just so sad and just begged Him to be with me and help me not feel so alone. Instantly I just felt Him with me and whispering words of comfort and grace. I have also come to realize how important my marriage is. Peter and I have been on some pretty crazy rides before and we've been isolated before, but this time around things just seem different. We are in this together, for life. He is my very best friend and I couldn't imagine going through this life without him. The other thing I realized is the call the Lord has put on my life...first to be a wife to Peter and then to be a mom to these amazing kids. With all the hustle and bustle of the move I think I lost sight of that. But I am so thankful that the Lord is calling me back to His purpose for my life. I am really excited to see all that the Lord is going to do in our little lives. I expect big things, great things, and even if to the world it seems small, there are no small works of God.

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