Monday, June 29, 2009

Exploring Blaine

We continue to be blessed with nice weather. After church we decided to do a local exploration of Blaine. We live in Birch Bay which is technically part of Blaine. We hadn't really explored what was beyond Birch Bay so we decided to take a look.

This is Semiahmoo Park. It's a beautiful area with places to have a picnic, beach comb, and just enjoy the views. There were many sailboats out.
Semiahmoo also is the home of the Semiahmoo museum. It's small but very interesting. Native Americans occupied a village on the spit for hundreds of generations, making a living from land and sea. The Alaska Packers Association Cannery was a center of salmon processing for nearly 80 years .Numerous artifacts from the cannery are displayed in the museum to tell the story of fishing and canning in days gone by

Tons of cans, and they all were filled with??.....Salmon.

We headed over to Peach Arch Park. Which is a park that straddles the United States and Canada. We think it's pretty neat how we lived in a border town in Calais, Maine, and now on the other side of the country we are in another border town. The park is really beautiful. The flowers alone were worth the visit. On the United States side there is a US flag made with flowers. It's huge.

Here is Isaiah with one foot in Canada and one foot in the United Sates.

The Peace Arch stands on the international boundary between Blaine, Washington, and Douglas, British Columbia

And not to be outdone, on the Canada side there is a Canadian flag made with flowers.

This is Blaine Marine Park. This is an Orca Whale sculpture. I really want to go whale watching out here because these are the whales we'll see. In Maine we've done whale watching and we see Humpback whales. But I have always loved the Orca whales.


meyehaws said...

Bethany --

You may not remember me --- we met at a ladies breakfast back in the fall. We sat at the same table. Anyway --- your story is similar to mine, except my adventure took place about 20 years ago when I moved from Washington DC to Maine with my first child who was a year old at the time. :-) I have enjoyed your blog so very much and want you to know that you are in my prayers. It inspires me to see what you are doing with your family. :-) You mentioned the homeschool group and I was reminded of some of the groups we did while homeschooling. So nice to hear about that and I want you to know that I will be praying for you in that endeavor as well. Keep on pressing on!

God Bless,
Sheila Wakefield

Bethany said...


Yes of course I remember you! Thanks for all your prayers. It blessed me to read that. There are days that it is so hard and I miss Maine so much but I am so thankful for the prayers, and the Lord has been so faithful to sustain us here.

Grace and Peace to you and your family