Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Greetings from the Pacific Ocean.

So we keep hearing it rains a lot here...but so far we haven't seen even a dark cloud in the sky. It was so beautiful yesterday. We drove to the "Fairhaven" part of Bellingham. This is where to ferry to Alaska comes in. We told the boys they could dip their feet in the water since we didn't bring a change of clothes. HA it took Elijah about 10 minuets to get knocked down and he was completely wet. So we just let them go for it and Peter went back to get dry clothes. They had so much fun.
After their dip we walked through downtown Fairhaven that has the cutest little shops. One store we went in called "wild blueberries" had cute one of a kind type of toys. We hit a book store in search of a book that features birds of Washington. We found one, by the same author who did the birds of Maine book we have. The boys keep talking about setting up bird feeders and discovering new birds. We've already seen a few.
We got an ice cream from a stand that was a bus that was converted into a little place that sells ice cream and fried foods. The ice cream was soft serve but they had every flavor you could imagine. Isaiah and Peter got chocolate, Elijah got orange, and I got cheesecake. They were so good.
We ended the day with dinner and then took the kids to see "Up". I must be super hormonal. I cried like 6 times during this movie. I highly recommend it. It is such a sweet love story, which probably went over my kids heads but I appreciated it.
Today we look at a few more houses and will most likely make a decision today.

The Pacific ocean. It was so beautiful this day.
The boys wet head to toe.

The waves were pretty good.

Excuse the man, he wouldn't move. But this is the little bus/icecream place.

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