Thursday, June 4, 2009

We found a place to rent!

So it's official we signed a lease and we've found a place to rent. PHEW! It's in Birch Bay Village which is a gated community. The speed limit is 20 mph and strictly enforced. So the kids and I can actually take a walk without fear of getting run over by an 18 wheeler. There is a bit of a front yard and then the there are sliding doors that open to the back yard. First order of business ..bird seed! The entry way is beautiful and off to the side is a small bedroom. For now it will be set up for a guest room, and if we are still there when the baby is older it will be hers (we keep the babies with us for a long time). Next is a hallway with two huge closets and the first bathroom. At the end of the hall is the boys room. From the entry way into the main house is the living room. It has very high ceilings, a huge window for lots of light and it opens up into the dinning area. From there is the kitchen. AHHH the kitchen. So many cabinets and counter space what's a girl to do? Off the kitchen is the laundry room with another two walls of cabinets. The mater bedroom and bath is off the living room. It's huge. We could fit our bed, the treadmill, ALL the baby stuff and still have room to dance! LOL.

So today is moving in day. Not sure how much we'll get done but I slept 10 hours last night so I am ready to go. Here are some pics.

The boys at the front door.
Here's the kitchen. I can not wait to cook our first meal. 2 weeks of eating out, yeah sounds good but not. Kids requested my homemade pizza.

The living room/dinning area

Living room with the fireplace.

Outside of the house.


kelizzle said...

Very nice, I am glad you found a wonderful place to live. God bless!

terra said...

Hello- We were the family you met last week at CC Lynden. We live right down the street from you 8096 Quinault - Glad to have some kids near by. Hope to see you soon. The Steads.