Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday Fun

Ok I am not trying to brag but the weather here has been amazing. Seriously we've been here since the end of May and it's only rained once and that was just in the morning. We are very thankful and we are trying to take full advantage of the nice weather. Because we hear rumors that it rains allot here. So yesterday we took the kids to a park in Bellingham, took a walk in downtown Fairhaven for homemade ice cream and then to the driving range. The boys of course had a blast! And Peter enjoyed teaching them how to swing a golf club. I have a sneaky suspicion some golf clubs will be purchased in the near future. =)

Isaiah getting ready to swing. He was getting the hang of it.

Elijah only wanted to use the driver. He has a very aggressive swing so back up.

The park we went to has a playground and then this water spouting area. The water shoots out randomly and seriously it was endless shrieking with delight from all the kids.

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