Friday, June 19, 2009


We had another ultrasound today to monitor a cyst they found on our baby girl's brain at 18 weeks. I was so nervous. I didn't sleep well last night. But all is just perfect. The cyst is gone and she is just perfect and growing nicely. God is so good to us. It was just so amazing to see her again. I think that no matter how many I have the awe of seeing that little baby will never go away. At 18 weeks they were pretty sure it was a girl. But I still had a lingering doubt. I even had a dream last night we had a boy. But today she made sure this baby is 100% girl. And she is. We celebrated by heading to Macy's to buy a take home outfit. Pink, and all girl! I love it. I am so thankful that this pregnancy is going well and although life on the outside as been pretty crazy, her little life has been peaceful. The boys and Peter came with me today, and it was so cute to see the boys watch her on the flat screen tv they had set up. They are very proud big brothers already.

Beautiful girl. I love her profile and those cute lips.

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