Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day one Operation Space

Last night was the first night of VBS. I can't tell you how excited the boys were to go. They asked all day if it was time to go. The first night they made robots from boxes and tin foil. They were very proud of their creations. They also got "operation space" t-shirts. I never thought t-shirts would make two boys so happy, but they loved them. They talked my ear off on the way home of everything they did and learned.

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sandra said...

Hi Pellerin Family!
I am so happy for you on the adventure our Lord has put you on! By your postings you seem to getting settled in just fine. I am also thankful to hear that your little girl is healthy, what a blessing!
We here in Florida had a record high of 100 degrees! SOOOO HOOOOOT!
God Bess you all,
Sandra from sunny Florida