Friday, August 1, 2008

Boston Chidren's Museum Pictures

The Big milk jug outside the Museum. You can't miss this big landmark!

When you first walk in there is this huge climbing structure. The boys had a lot of fun on this. I think if I didn't force them to move on we would have stayed there all day!

The next section is called "Kids Power" It's awesome. The kids have to use their own body to make things move. This one was fun. They had to lift a bowling ball by pulling the rope, then when they let go it forced a tennis ball into the air and through the rings above.

Here the boys need to generate enough power to light up a series of lights until they hit the red one.

Below: Here is the seat they had to pull up with their own strength.

Below: The boys had to push the contraption around faster and faster in order to get the wheel above them spinning.

There was a room dedicated to bubbles. Messy but fun. The kids got to be inside a bubble.

There was so much interactive fun. Arthur room, where they were able to be in a Arthur video and pretend to fly a plane.

Making music like the blue man group.

Boat fun. Lots of water and boats to play with. Isaiah is the captain of the ship.

Rock climbing and the famous basketball room!

Isaiah took this picture. It's in the construction/transportation section

Silly boys!

Everybody has a waterbuffalo!

This is inside a real Japanese house that was put back together in the museum. The boys are pretending to eat.

This was Isaiah's favorite room. It was a market.


Aleyne said...

Do they sell something out of the milk jug?

Bethany said...

Yes, they sell food I believe.