Friday, August 1, 2008

Yorks Wild Animal Kingdom

Lazy Aligators
Sleepy Lions

Our next stop on our adventure was Yorks Wild Animal Kingdom. I took so many pictures here that it made my head spin to think about uploading them all, so just a few to give you an idea. I had read mixed reviews about this place. But I would have to say I was impressed. The park was clean, the animals were very well kept and seemed clean and content (as content as you can be in a cage) The only thing I didn't like was all the extra costs of things, to feed the animals, pictures, special animal rides it cost extra. But the kids loved it and to see their faces when they saw real live animals was pretty awesome. We have studied about so many of these animals but to see them in person brings a whole new dimension to their learning.
This was the highlight. The boys loved feeding the deer. They came right up to us wanting some tasty morsels. We see deer a lot out here in the sticks, but they usually run away so fast the boys only get a small glimpse of them. Not here. They didn't really want to be pet but rather wanted love shown in the form of food.

They have a butterfly garden. I loved this. So many different kinds. This is the Owl Butterfly...can you guess why
He was a little aggressive and the boys didn't want to feed him.
The goats wanted food too. Every time we turn the knob on the food dispenser they all came over. It was really humorous to watch.
A white tiger
The tigers were the show stoppers for the boys. They just watched them with their mouths open.


It'sSteph said...

Isabelle really enjoyed these pictures.

sarasusen said...

What a neat little vacation you guys had! As for pictures.. here's a tip: don't worry about getting all the exhibits or animals, rather focus in on your *children* and what *they're in to. A sleeping lion is just another animal, but kids feeding deer, that's where memories are made! I basically just follow my children around and snap a picture when they get excited about something. Including my kids in most pictures has really helped me cut down on the amount of pictures I take, so I'm not so overwhelmed when I go to download! LOL!