Saturday, August 2, 2008


Peter really wanted to check out the new Cabela's store in Scarborough. Since we were 5 minuets away we all were up for it. WOW what a fun store. It was like a field trip within a shopping experience. They have a huge moose statue right out front. (if any of you know me well you know my issues with moose) So of course I had to have our picture taken with it.

Inside the store they have everything for the outdoor enthusiast. I was actually surprised at the amount of clothing that I might actually wear.

In the middle of the store they have a huge mountain. Around the mountain there are stuffed once living animals. They look amazing. Here are just a few! Of course a big 'ol moose. Ok look at the size of those antlers! The boys are very into polar bears so they were excited to get up close and personal to this one.

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