Friday, August 1, 2008

New England Aquarium Pictures

Here are some pictures of our first trip into Boston. The Aquarium pictures were hard to take because the flash kept showing up in the reflection. But that's ok some still came out ok.

Here are the boys on the "T" for the first ride into Boston. Notice I dressed them the same. I try to do that when we are out with lots of people. It's just easier for me to spot two red shirts quickly! The "T" was actually pretty nice. It was clean and it was a quick easy ride. People were nice, helping me figure out how to buy a "charlie card" giving up seats to the kids. But one thing I noticed is how everyone is either on a cell phone, texting someone, listening to an ipod, or playing handheld games.

When you first walk in they ask you to pose for a picture in front of a big green screen. Then at the end of your visit you can buy the photo. Here's the one we had taken. First look at Elijah's face...priceless. Then look at my shirt. I have fish on it, I was wearing a green shirt that day so the fish background was imposed onto anything green since the back drop was green. Kind of neat!

Amazing Jellies. There is a whole section dedicated to jellies. They have no brains and they are taking over our oceans! We saw huge jellies and jellies so small you had to use a magnifying glass to see them.

Penguins! They had African Penguins, Rockhopper Penguins and little blue penguins(the smallest in the world)

Dory and Gill from Nemo!

Here is my personal favorite. The sea turtle! They were really amazing. When you would make a movement in front of the glass they seemed to respond because they would swim right up to the window and appeared to be looking at us! They had a turtle there that was 75 years old.

I thought this picture was neat. You can see the shark in the tank and then Elijah's reflection.

Touch tank! The poor starfish that Elijah is holding...he dropped him.

String Rays!

A green electric eel. He was really creepy looking.

There were these charts throughout the aquarium where you could measure yourself against the size of an actual shark. The boys loved this!

They boys in front of the huge tank!


sarasusen said...

Great pictures! I love photography because it tells a story. It looks like you guys had a blast! I don't remember any of this stuff when Josh and i went a few years ago.. just goes to show that bringing the kids MAKES the trip! totally wish I could have gone with you, that looked like a TON of fun... and now I'm envious......

But GLAD you're back!

It'sSteph said...

Yeah,I don't remember it being so great when I went in college, but it looks so fun now. I did get to be part of the sea lion show though- that was cool. We had a blast at the Mystic Aquarium. We'll have to take them to Boston.

Aleyne said...

I thought you were dressed for the Aquarium visit like Ms. Frizzle dresses for her field trips. What a riot that your shirt looked like the green screen to the camera :).

Bethany said...

I do have a little Ms Frizzle in me LOL. Look at my skirt. It looks sort of like coral. FUNNY